Lotuss Prestige

Lotuss Prestige Company Limited is a new and innovative Home Decor service company, operating in the heart and soul of Auckland. Our company specialises in the supply of elegant Curtains, Chandeliers & more.
We offer great FREE in-home services for our products: an initial FREE Consultation, FREE Measure & Quote and FREE Installation. Our friendly and cultivated staff are willing to take customer service to the next level at no extra cost!
We have the latest and innovative designs of Chandeliers and Curtains that you won’t find anywhere else in New Zealand. Choose from our wide range of European and Asian Curtain collections of fabrics at a reasonable price. Building strong relationships with our suppliers from around the world ensures we offer the latest and best products in the country.
If you would like to book a FREE in-home Consultation or Measure & Quote, please feel free to give us a message on Facebook or contact us through our email.
- Lotuss Prestige Company Limited